That Kiss

a little one shot about how that kiss got into the script.


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Notes: no slash or any other stuff like that just mild refernence to kissing

That Kiss by PrettyZombie

Noel had been looking forward to filming this episode, particularly this scene, since he had written it back in the summer holidays. He’d got what he wanted into the script and Julian hadn’t complained once about it.
He’d once ventured onto the internet and read some interesting stuff that fans had written and was intrigued with it, he’d often dreamt of writing it into the script, to see what is was like and now after so long he’d got what he wanted. He had to be subtle though, not too much not too little.

He could kiss Julian, in front of people, without any one suspecting. Without Julian suspecting. He didn’t really know how Julian felt about it, whether he was nervous or actually couldn’t wait, Julian hadn’t mentioned the scene nor had anyone else. They seemed to except it as just part of the script and nothing more. But it was more to Noel and now, here on the roof of the set, there was no going back. All Noel was waiting for was for Paul to shout the word he’d been looking forward to all summer.


Noel leaned in and grabbed Julian. He pulled Julian forward and kissed him.
It was better then he’d ever imagined. Pure bliss.
Julian was nonplussed about it; to him it was nothing. But for Noel it was all over far to quickly, as he pulled away he wished he’d been able to write more into the script, just so he could kiss Julian again without Julian knowing the real reason.
But then again , he thought as he sipped at a bottle of water, there always the live tour…

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