Something Else

Julian pays Noel a visit at home. Naughty stuff ensues.


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Notes: This is my first slash fic, in fact, my very first fan fic of any type. Huge thanks to planetbanjo for the fab beta job!

Something Else by Sooty

Friendship, trust, honesty, loyalty, and love; there are so many elements that define our relationship, so many fragments that make us whole. But something else binds us together.

There is a pleasant anticipation and familiarity in the way he enters my home. Knocks, enters. With his eyebrows raised and a nod of the head from me, he checks that it’s okay to come in. Then he pushes me against the wall, grabs my hair and pulls my head back, opens my mouth with his tongue, and grinds his hips into mine. He smells of cigarettes and coffee, the cologne I gave him, and his own musky scent that lingers on my pillow and in my hair for days afterwards. I never shower after we’re together. When he’s gone I have an intense need to wander around the house, following his scent from room to room and humming a tune, “Julian, Julian, Julian.”

After this lust-filled greeting, he whispers in my ear: “Hi. How are you?” I smile and kiss his bristly neck, run my hands under his shirt and scrape my nails gently down his back. He shivers. Always. And then he pulls off my t-shirt and stands back and smiles; his eyes, wanton, desirous, wandering from my neck to my chest and then down to the trail of hair that leads to what he really wants. I usually have to take my trousers off because he is frustrated easily by the removal of drainpipes. But he also likes me wearing them because their tightness shows off my hardness. And of course, Julian likes to watch me get hard with the simple act of fixing his gaze upon me. Once I’m in my pants he touches me lightly, fondles me, then grasps at me, his fingers searching over my skin and moulding me into elastic shapes until I’m pliable and ready for anything. He is the only person in this world whom I trust completely. As long as I have his skin on mine, his sweat dripping on my back, his heart beating in time to mine, and his scent (oh, Julian!) in my head and in my pores, he can do anything he likes to me. I am his. And for this moment, he is all mine.

This morning our repertoire deviates slightly from the norm. Unusual for Julian, but I go with it. Usually we choose a place in the house to fuck – the couch, the table, or sometimes he bends me over the kitchen sink. Never the bed. Today he breathes huskily into my ear: “Get down on your knees”. I look into his eyes and see they are sparkling and intense. I am a little confused. What is that look? Desire? Menace? Lust? I search his face for something to help me understand. His eyes lack focus and he doesn’t give anything away. Instead, he grabs my hair and pushes me down, ordering me to my knees again. I comply readily. He can do anything to me.

There are no more words, only gestures and his large hands pushing me into place. My body responds willingly to his demands. So it is that I am on my knees in the hallway with my mouth around Julian’s cock, hard, so hard, with his hand on the back of my head, controlling how much I take in and how fast I suck him. I am achingly erect and want him inside of me but know that will only happen when he wants it. When I’m blowing Julian I want to suck the life out of him, to have him become a part of me. Except today there is a sense of urgency in the act and I am certain it isn’t only me feeling this way. His cock hits the back of my throat and I gag, once, twice, until Julian pulls himself out. He nods and jerks his head towards the bedroom.

That is the last time I see his face. I walk into the room and he pushes me face down on the bed. His hands, urgent now, tug at my pants and expose my nakedness. Julian remains clothed, heavy with the pungent sweat of anticipation. He stretches his body over mine, moaning quietly and moving his hips in a slow rhythm. My vision is reduced to the pattern on the duvet, and I am hyper-aware of his every sound and touch. Julian’s breathing is slow but shallow and his hot breath ghosts across the back of my neck. I begin to say something but he bites me hard between the shoulder blades. “Fuck!” I yell out. “That fucking hurts!” He bites me again and I try to turn around by grabbing at his hands but he has me pinned firmly against the bed. I flail for a while, grunting in my attempts to turn around. “Ssshhh!”, hisses Julian. He tongues where he has bitten me, lightly, tenderly, and then his mouth is on my back, drawing his tongue and lips down my body until he parts my buttocks and his hot wetness begins to encircle my entrance. I arch my back and raise my buttocks so he can get further inside me but he pushes me back down roughly and holds me there. Helpless, I moan. Oh fuck, it feels so good knowing it is Julian down there, Julian rimming me, Julian eating me up. My hardness is now pushing painfully against the mattress and I want him to touch me there and to drag his fist along my cock, and to be inside me, and give me sweet relief. “Fuck me, Ju. Please, please fuck me,” I plead. He bites the inside of my butt cheek. I scream, and reach around, whacking him on the head. Julian instantly throws his weight on top of me and holds my arms down, pushing them into the bed. Oh fuck, my butt, back and cock hurt. I whimper. Pain becomes anticipation and I am aching for him to do something else to me. My mind reels with pleasure and pain. I’m still all yours, Julian.

He pulls me roughly on to my hands and knees. I hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly, followed by the sound of his trousers falling to his knees. I hear him generously smoothing lube along his cock, red and angry now I imagine, and then he spreads my buttocks and places the tip of his cock at my anus. I shiver slightly against the feeling, and then, with two hard thrusts, almost all of him is inside me. An involuntary scream leaves my mouth and tears prick my eyes. Oh, fuck Julian, that hurts! But I don’t dare say anything in case his response is another bite, so I simply grimace and bite my lip. He grips my hips, pushes me onto him, and rides me with a slow rhythm. As I gradually open up to him, it becomes more bearable. I want to see his face, to see him inside of me with that heady mixture of desire and tenderness written on his features, but I know today he will appear like somebody else, something wild and not Julian, so I just close my eyes.

He leans over me, his chest broad, hot and sticky, and reaches around to grab my cock with his wet palm. I suck in my breath and almost cry when he starts stroking me in time to his rhythm. My insides begin to pulsate with pleasure. Oh fuck, Julian. Harder. Harder. My breathing becomes ragged and I start to groan and move in time with him, thrusting myself back onto his cock, swelling and leaking inside me. My cock is tingling and twitching and I am out of my body. All my senses are alive but I can’t direct them. Julian is in control and he knows exactly what I want.

Without any warning, he pulls his hand off my cock and jerks his cock out of me. I scream in frustration, “Nooo!” Oh fuck, Julian. Why? He slaps me on the back, hard, and I cry out again. “Please, Julian, please?” My plea becomes a series of unspoken questions – Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? What can I do to make you fuck me again? What does he want? Then I remember the three little words that I know he wants to hear: “I need you.” I say them, over and over again. “I need you, I need you, I need you. Julian, I need you.” He has won. I feel him smile, and can see, even with my eyes closed, his glorious, victorious grin. He kisses me on the back of the neck, nudges me with his nose, his beard tickling my shoulder blades, his heart beating with mine. His hands softly on my chest, lovingly stroking my nipples, and then he grabs my hardness and the tenderness becomes urgency again. He leans back, pushes inside me – I’m ready for him now – and I arch my back and take him all in, moaning and moving my hips in time to his beat. “I need you and I want you, Julian.” I can feel him close as his thrusts become deeper, and he groans loudly. I almost hear the word ‘Noel’ escape from his lips when he is on the verge of coming but it may be my imagination. Suddenly, my body jerks, and with his hand grasping my cock I come over his fingers, over the bed, calling out his name, over and over. And then, when all is quiet, I mutter so softly that he would struggle to hear it: “I’m yours, Julian”. He comes inside me, hot and deep and I can hear his breath, sharp, ragged, lovely, as he pours himself into me. I am blissfully silent.

Julian pulls out and pushes me down on to my stomach, straddling me, his come still trickling onto my back. His hands gently brush away the sweaty, matted hair from the back of my neck. I am too tired to turn around; too exhausted to speak. He leans down, kisses my cheek and then breathes into my hair: “You’re all mine”. They are his final words before he leaves me, tingling, sweating, and something achingly beyond being wonderfully alive. Something else. Surrender.