Life Drawing

Feeling he needs to practice life drawing, Noel gets Julian to pose for him.


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Notes: My first Boosh fic. Also my first attempt at writing slash.

Life Drawing by Colour_Me_Troll

“Ju, you look great. Just hold it there.”

Julian stiffened slightly, flushing even more in the warm room.

“Why am I doing this again?” He asked, conscious not to move. Noel bit his tongue as he tried not to laugh.

“’Cause I asked you to.” He replied, sweeping his brush across the canvas.

Julian was blushing fiercely, as Noel peeked around the canvas, and stared at him for a long minute, before mixing a new colour, and working so quickly and fluidly his hand was a blur.

“And why did I agree to do it naked?”

This time Noel had to laugh.

“Because I wanted to paint a nude.” He said, and gazed once more at Julian, who squirmed slightly, and looked away.

“Ooh, that’s nice!” Noel exclaimed. “Keep your face like that! All wistful! Yeah, that’s good.”

“You can only push me so far, you know.” Julian growled, causing Noel to have to stop painting as he shook with laughter.

“Come on, mate. You know you get your kit off at every opportunity anyway. Now stop talking, I’m doing your overly talkative gob.”

Julian obediently shut his mouth, and tried to detach himself from the fact he was naked in his best friends living room, and that the situation was being recorded by said best friend, who was probably going to eventually sell the painting.

A few minutes later, Noel paused, brush in hand, and blushed slightly as he looked around the canvas.

“Im nearly finished this layer.” he said, somewhat pointedly.

“Great!” Julian groaned, and started to sit up.

Noel motioned for him not to move.

“I said nearly.” He said, grimacing slightly.

Julian glanced down and felt himself heat up.

“Ah.” He replied, and lay back awkwardly. “Left that to last did you?”

Noel shrugged, and smirked slightly.

“Saving the best to.” He joked, followed by a somewhat uncomfortable chuckle.

In the silence that followed, Julian had the worst thought he could have at that moment.

This, he thought to himself, would be an awful moment to get an erection.

Now, in itself, it wasn’t a highly arousing thought, and Julian considered himself in no danger.

That is, until another thought struck him. He found he couldn’t help imagining Noel continuing to paint, fully aware of Julian’s arousal, and the simple portrait became hand crafted debauchery, in Julian’s mind.

This thought still did not prove to be a problem thankfully, until Julian heard Noel moan from behind the canvas.

To most people, it was clearly a moan of frustration, as Noel struggled with his drawing.

To Julian though, in his current, annoyingly raunchy state of mind, it was a different sort of moan entirely.

This was when Julian’s train of thought became a rather obvious problem.

Noel’s brush fell to the floor.

“That makes it hard for me to paint.” He remarked, somewhat stupidly.

Hard for me.

Noel shivered.

Julian immediately went bright red, a state he felt he’d been in since the beginning of this stupid idea of Noel‘s, and sat up, dragging a pillow onto his lap.

“But on the other hand,” Noel remarked, eyes somewhat glazed, “I reckon we need a break from painting anyway. You must be getting pretty…stiff.” He smirked and stepped around the easel, walking slowly towards Julian.

“Sorry mate,” Julian said, running a hand through his hair, “You know how it is…”

“Tell me how it is.”

Julian was pointedly avoiding eye contact, and shifting uncomfortably on the couch, and Noel watched with fascination.

He didn’t know what he was doing; Julian was his friend. His best friend. But right now, as Noel watched Julian, who was inexplicably turned on, squirm under his graze, he couldn’t help acting out his urges as a wave of familiar lust crashed through him)

Lust that Noel denied, and squashed into his most private thoughts, and denied some more, but was always there, lurking in his mind, somewhere behind his love for shoes, and partially concealed by his vehement insistence that he was, more or less, give or take a few encounters, relatively straight.

He gazed at Julian, the years of hidden longing shining through his eyes.

“Look, I’m just going to get my clothes on…” Julian said, standing up, cushion still pressed against his aching cock, as he fought to hide his arousal.

“Why?” Noel asked, moving closer to the tall man, who was pressing himself against the wall in an effort to get further away from his advancing friend. “No one but me and the pigeons at the window are going to see you. And I’m pretty sure they don’t care. I mean, they’re naked most of the time anyway.”

Still sliding along the wall, Julian looked quizzically at Noel.

“Most of the time?”

However, he didn’t receive a real answer. Rather, the thin man took the last step towards him, and pressed against him with his lithe body.

Slim fingers danced their way down Julian’s arms and tried to pry the cushion from his grip.

“Noel, what exactly are you doing?!” Julian’s voiced was laced with panic, even as he tried to stay calm and endure Noels strange joke.

With a rough tug, the pillow was wrenched from his grip.

“Just relax, Ju.” Noel said, rising up on his booted toes, and kissing his friend briefly on the lips. He pulled back and stepped away, blatantly eying the naked, and very aroused Julian.

“Noel, what the fuck are you doing?”

I don’t know, you prat, Noel thought, as he dropped to his knees and moved forwards again, face level with his target.

He slid his hands up his friend’s legs, and glanced up to where Julian was staring down at him, face a mixture of horror and desire.

Noel gripped the base of his thick shaft, pumping his hand up and down a few times, feeling the hardness beneath his grip.

A bang above him startled him, and he looked up, to see Julian’s head against the wall, a moan escaping his lips.

“That’s it Ju, just relax,” He whispered to himself, “Just let me…”

And Julian groaned loudly as his cock hit the back of Noel’s throat.

Noel had to admit he wasn’t exactly experienced at this. Sure, once or twice when he was drunk, but he still didn’t have any technique. Nevertheless, confident that enthusiasm would win out in the end, he sucked and licked, and pumped his hand in time to his movements, listening to Julian’s rough cries and moans and gasped expletives and co-ordinating his movements to that.

“Fuck.” Julian gasped. “Fuck Noel, yes,”

The larger man tensed, and Noel sensed that he was close. Concentrating, he relaxed the muscles in his throat, tried not to gag, and swallowed. Again. And Again.

Julian’s words became unintelligible as he let out a hissed stream of praises, and came.

Moments later, Noel stood up, swallowing and wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

Julian stood against the wall, trembling ever so slightly, as he stared at Noel, eyes glazed and sated.

“You think you could get back on the couch now?” Noel asked. “I didn’t get to finish that part of the painting.”

Numbly, Julian nodded, and lay back down.

Ignoring his own arousal, for the moment, Noel picked up his palette and brush, and went back to work.

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