Kiss and Swallow

Noel and Julian are dancing to IAMX. It's unavoidable, really.


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Kiss and Swallow by kiwi_from_hell

It’s not that Julian doesn’t like the music, and it’s true that live is much, much better than listening to a CD. Chris – tonight X – is a fantastic performer. The atmosphere is an echo of the music. The problem is, he doesn’t know quite what to do with himself in that atmosphere. On stage he’d be at ease; music is even better than comedy for attention craving introverts (or solitude craving extroverts, he isn’t sure which category he’s in tonight). Being part of the crowd is what bugs him, and this venue is far too small to allow him to hide out at the back, and this crowd is all skinny androgyny and eye-liner and vertical hair. It’s like watching a throng of Noels gyrate in time with heavy beats, only not as fun as he would’ve imagined that to be.

It’s Noel’s fault he’s here, anyway. Usually he would’ve picked a quieter night, but they’ve been filming all day and every time the camera has cut Noel’s complained about how bored he is, jumping up and down on the spot or shaking his hands or tossing his head from side to side, in the way that really means I need to get hammered. Once Julian had drunk enough coffee to stop his response to this display being the strong urge to ring his neck, the energy started rubbing off on him. Two scenes before the end of the day, he’d stopped telling Noel to ring Dee and agreed to go himself. That earned him a disapproving frown from the area of his brain that was using a small, niggling headache to remind him that he had only had 3 hours sleep last night.

His drinks are starting to take effect. Perhaps a few more swallows and he’ll stop getting images of Howard Moon dancing in his head every time he starts to move to the beat. Howard Moon in a man-corset, no less. It’s really very hard to distinguish character from actor when the last thing you did at work was watch dailies. Julian hadn’t realised quite how funny those shots were, even if they weren’t very self-esteem friendly.

Someone is making their way through the crowd towards him, and Julian knows instinctively that it’s Noel. Knows partly because he always knows, but mostly because no one else can sway their hips quite like that; oh, okay, mostly because who else would be wearing those shoes? The song changes just as Noel is close enough for Julian to see his face light up at the new track. The energy in the room picks up a little, as if there was any further it could go. Kiss and Swallow.

The baseline hits his chest, the beats reverberating around the room, crawling through him from the floor. Noel grabs hold of his wrist and grins sharply. It’s a wicked too-much-to-drink-and-probably-other-things smile which makes Julian think of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Entirely predatory, and displaying more strength than you’d expect from his wispy figure, Noel pulls him into the centre of the dancing. It’s about 5 degrees warmer already, and X hasn’t even started singing.

There are bodies everywhere, swimming around him, pressing against him from every direction. He can smell 10 different kinds of perfume, and even more sweat. Noel is dancing with his eyes closed, and Julian would think he was oblivious to everything but the music if it wasn’t for the grip he still held on his wrist. He flexes his hand and at almost the same moment, Noel does the same, and somehow their fingers entwine.

Echo, echo.

The music steps up. Noel is facing him now, mouthing the words, their faces so incredibly close. Time slows down as the word ‘swallow’ is formed on his mouth; first his lips pouting around the s, then his tongue gently flicking forward for the l, pink and wet on his lips, before it disappears again. And then to make up for lost time, everything is 100 times faster. Noel’s hips flicker back into movement, this time closer to Julian. His hand is on Julian’s chest, his hips, his ass, encouraging him to move with the music. Julian stops breathing, deciding he doesn’t need to do it anyway. Noel is so close to him that he can feel the sweat on his body through both of their clothes. He can see the shine of his damp face, smudged eyeliner and hair plastered to his forehead. And all the while, Noel’s hips, swaying, grinding.

And Julian’s doing the same. His body moves in the mirror of whatever Noel does. He steps forward instinctively, and now he has one leg between Noel’s, and Noel has one leg between his, and their contact is almost complete. Noel has one hand waving in the air, and Julian realises the other hand is still holding his. When Noel’s face moves close to his ear, he thinks he can feel air passing across his skin like something is being said, but he has no idea what. So he just slides his free hand across Noel’s back to his waistband, and grips the studded belt.

For a brief second while he’s able to form a thought, something he’d quite happily never do again, he thinks maybe the southern Baptists are onto something, because he’d give up sex to dance like this forever. With Noel. Especially now Noel’s finger is in his mouth, his thumb pushing against his lip. He watches the expressions play over Noel’s face as he displays exactly what he can do with his tongue.

The music drops to its bare base, and X’s voice rings out in a whisper that sounds like he’s pressing his mouth to Julian’s ear. I know it’s a sin but tell me it happens. Noel’s taking the lowering of the music as a chance, and his mouth really is at Julian’s ear, and even though he still can’t hear, he understands it this time. He nods, and Noel pushes through the crowd, tugging Julian behind him.

The cold and quiet of the alleyway hits Julian full in the face. The sharp clarity makes him feel even more charged. His breath is white plumes in the air, and it mixes with Noel’s. It’s probably below freezing, but Noel is leaning on him, digging his nails into his shoulders and forcing him against the wall, and Julian feels hotter than, well, he’s a bit too preoccupied to think of a metaphor, but oh god.

Noel is kissing at his neck, still rolling his hips. The sound of his breath is loud in Julian’s ear, so he can barely hear the pulsing music coming from inside. This sound is so much sweeter. Julian’s whole body is throbbing with anticipation. He slides his hand between their bodies and grips Noel crotch, hard. He could come at nothing more than the sound of Noel’s desperate moan.

Julian pushes him away. The corners of his lips twitch and his breath sticks in his throat, because Noel moans again. It’s spontaneous, a whimper, nearly pathetic. Julian almost loses his façade. “Look, is this really a good idea?”

“Please, Ju,” Noel says, too far gone for dignity. He launches himself forwards, pressing his body against Julian, pressing his lips to the edge of his mouth so Julian can feel the next words. “Want you, need you to fuck me. Julian, please.”

It’s so fucking hot to hear him beg. To make him beg.

Julian slips a hand into Noel’s hair and brings their lips together in a rough kiss. It’s open mouthed and messy, tongue and teeth and gasping for air and everything a good fuck should be. Julian’s tired of being passive now, and he swings Noel around and presses him against the brickwork, imagining his delicate shoulders being scratched through the thin material of his t-shirt. Their mouths meet again and this time Julian feels like all the life is draining from him; he can’t get close enough, can’t breathe, can’t make his eyes open, can’t do anything except feel Noel’s tongue sliding over his lips and into his mouth.

Noel’s wriggling against him, twisting and gasping, and it’s so fucking obscene. Julian has to do something or he’s just going to come in his pants. As fantastic as that would be, to come like a horny teenager because Noel won’t stop making those noises, oh god, he needs more. More contact, more skin. Needs to see Noel even more far gone. Julian says his name, phrasing it as a question.

Almost instantly, Noel is prying his boots from his feet and pulling his trousers and underwear off, muttering something about bloody impractical skinny jeans.

Julian can’t help himself. He leans to Noel’s ear and says slowly, with as much control as his can manage, “God, you’re such a little slut.”

The wicked grin is back for a moment. Noel fixes his gaze and says, “Yes.”

Noel wraps a bare leg around Julian’s waist, making it clear how he wants this, and Ju grabs his ass as he swings the other leg up. Long skinny legs wrapped around his waist, those legs, this is already better than he could’ve imagined it. Noel laces a hand into his hair. Julian pushes Noel up against the wall for leverage, their torsos coming properly into contact for the first time in the last 30 seconds, and he realises that it had felt like an eternity. Everything’s obscene again, Noel writhing and turning his head and pushing his cock against Julian’s chest; Julian with his mouth latched onto Noel’s collarbone as he hastily pulls clothing off his lower half.

Noel takes his hand, holds it to his mouth, and spits in it. Not removing his head from Noel’s shoulder, where he’s biting and licking and leaving a mark, Julian rubs the saliva over his cock. He moans at the contact, his face buried against Noel, hoping he can feel the vibrations against his skin.

“Need you, now,” Noel pants. He pushes his hips forward to accentuate his point, and pulls on Julian’s hair. “Please.”

Julian thrusts two fingers into Noel’s mouth, and Noel sucks and swirls his tongue. Wet and slick now, Julian presses his fingers against Noel’s entrance, trying to make himself be slow. Noel just moves himself down over the fingers and groans.

“More, faster, please. Need you now.”

Julian’s done with self-control. He pushes into Noel hard and fast, and Noel moans so loud it’s almost a scream. Hot and tight around him, and those skinny legs around his waist, and Noel’s frantic kisses that make his moans tremor throughout the whole of Julian’s body, and he knows he’s not going to last long. They’re still pushed up hard against the wall. Julian holds Noel there, hardly moving, and let’s Noel grind his hips and rock, fucking himself on Julian’s cock.

As Noel’s movements get more erratic and his whining more desperate, Julian takes his cock in his hand and pumps. It’s hard and fast, and when he swipes his thumb over the head Noel comes with a shuddering gasp. Julian watches Noel’s face, feels Noel’s come splattering over his hand, and feels Noel tensing around his cock. When Julian comes, he closes his eyes and presses his face against Noel’s neck.

As their breathing calms, Julian can hear the beats of the music drifting outside. Noel is stood up now, but otherwise they haven’t moved. Julian’s head is resting on his shoulder, and Noel’s grasping his hair. At his side, their hands are still entwined.

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