Keep your hands to yourself

Julian could never keep his hands away from noel... Noel just took his time realizing it.







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Notes: my first story so understand that its not very good. i was watching the arctic boosh in Melbourne on Youtube because someone told me they held hands in it. It was so cute i just had to write this!! i dont own the mighty boosh SO PLEASE dnt sue! i have no money!!

Keep your hands to yourself by Beccabom

Arctic boosh seemed like so long ago now. Back in the ‘Sweet’ times. When Noel could have no shame like any other young man.

Noel sat on the couch watching the T.V as the pictures changed and the colours reflected on his pointy face. He was watching a DVD of the Arctic boosh show at Melbourne. He came on stage smiling and telling the audience about his brilliant idea of tying all their hair together. Then Noels favorite bit came on: Julian came up from behind jumping around and being all energetic. He touched noel on the back “introduce me! Tell them who I am! Tell them I’m a good boy”. Noel laughed as he watched. Julian couldn’t keep his hands off Noel. Noel soon noticed this and watched how they seemed to be connected through the whole scene together. ‘hmm’ a thought struck through Noels brain ‘I might bring this up’ and a cheeky smile rose on his face.

Julian was out side on the balcony watching the sky and thinking when Noel barged out the door.

“Alright?” asked the younger man as he nearly fell over his own boots

“Woah, little man what’s the rush?”

“I’m not in a rush… I just had an idea and I didn’t want to forget it” his smile was back.

“Well… are you going to tell me this idea?”

“I would…”


“I forgot it. Anyway what are you doing out here?”

Julian let out a sigh, “watching”

“Um…Ju… There’s nothing to watch?”

“The clouds flying by, the sun shining bright theres lots of things.”

Noel stopped fixing his outfit to give a long stare at his good friend.

“Yes… so was this idea about the tour?” Julian asked awkwardly.

“Um… wait… yeah I think there was something about a tour?”

“Oh great well try remember it! We might need it” And with that Julian gave Noel a pat on the shoulder and started to head inside.

“WAIT!” The small man shouted. “I remember!”

Julian stopped walking and turned back to Noel to find his face only inches from his.

“W-w-what was it?” Julian asked, distracted by Noels breath tickling his cheek.

“I was watching Arctic Boosh in Melbourne right, and I see you come on with your genius impro and I realized you couldn’t keep your hands off me.” Noel smiled his huge smile.

“I…uh… well… you… uh… what?”

“Hey no need for an explanation, I can’t keep my hands off you either… or my eyes… or my mind”.

Julian was not sure what just happened or if this was truly real. If it is then why did it take Noel this long!

“Ofcourse you can’t resist me I’m–”

The last of Julians comment was cut off my Noels lips placed against his own ‘I knew he would realize someday’ Julian thought to himself.


End Notes: sorry its bad! its my first! but please tell me what you think and how i can apromake it better!

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