It’s love

Noel and Julian confess their love to each other. Following with sex. ;D


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Notes: My friend Emma Page helped me a bit with this (: Thanks Emma *Hugs*

It’s love by ElectroNoir

Noel and Julian are sat on the couch coming up with new material. Noel’s sketching out costumes and characters and Julian’s typing what they’re coming up with on the lap top.

Noel Keeps staring at Julian. He can’t help it. He just adores him. Every time Julian notices Noel quickly looks away awkwardly like a school boy with his first crush. It blatantly wasn’t his first “crush” but it’s the first time he’s felt this way toward someone. It’s love. Beyond love. He loves Julian more than anyone else in the world. He knows it’s absolutely ridiculous that he’s let it get that far without even speaking a word of it to Julian. But what he doesn’t know is Julian feels the exact same way.

“Why does he keep looking at me? I don’t mind it. But does he know how I feel? Have I given him to many accidental hints? Is he weird about it?” Julian was nervous. Every time he caught Noel looking at him his heart skipped a beat.

It went along silently like that for about a half hour until the stillness was broken with Noel’s pen falling on the floor. They both reached down to pick it up. Their hands touched. They both looked to each other. What seemed like an eternity of staring was broken by a kiss. They lunged into each other, faces smashing. Kissing needfully.

Julian pulled away. Putting his hand on Noel’s leg. “There’s something I need to tell you. I like you. A lot. No, I love you. More than a lot. More than anyone and anything. And the way you were kissing me back seemed like you liked me too but I don’t know if you feel the same way and–” Noel jumped in. “I do feel the same way. I love you more than anyone in else in the whole entire world. You mean everything to me. You’re the most amazing person to ever exist. The only reason I haven’t told you is because I didn’t wanna lose you.” “You’ll never lose me.” “I was just scared that you would be weirded out by it and everything between us would be ruined.” Noel said looking down sadly. Julian lifted Noel’s head up and looked him straight in the eye. “That would never happen. You know that now. Remember that. I’ll never leave you.” They’re both close to tears at this point. “I love you.” Noel said. “I love you too.”

They both went in for a kiss. This time even more needy. Hands, mouths everywhere, exploring each other. Julian starts to lift Noel’s shirt up over his head. The kiss was broken for a short second to take his shirt completely off. Shortly after the kiss was broken again so Julian’s shirt could come off. Julian pushed Noel down on his back gently. He started undoing his skinnies. Once they were undone he started pulling them down. The tightness of the jeans made them hard to get off. Noel giggled and started to help. Once they were off, Noel sat up and started undoing Julian’s belt. Julian took the rest off himself. Noel laid back down and Julian followed hovering over him, kissing him. Julian left Noel’s mouth, kissing him on the chin, then on the neck and continued kissing him all the way down his body. He got to Noel’s pants and started pulling them down, exposing Noel’s erection to the cool air. He gave a good look at Noel laying there, all hot and naked. His eyes traveled down to Noel’s throbbing cock. He teased the tip with his tongue. Noel made a tiny whimper as he exhaled hard. Julian continued teasing, Noel’s writing underneath him. Pretty soon he’s surrounded by Julian’s mouth, taking him in and sucking hard. Everything is fuzzy to Noel, he’s in complete ecstasy. Julian continues sucking harder and faster. Noel can feel the orgasm building up inside him. It doesn’t feel right, even though he’s very much enjoying it. It didn’t feel right because he wanted to cum with Julian, making love together, intimately. Noel backs out of Julian’s mouth panting. “I want to cum with you, making love with you. Because, I love you. I want us to cum together.” Julian didn’t hesitate, he grabbed Noel’s hips scooting closer to him. He props Noel’s bum up, poking his entrance with his erection. He looks to Noel for an ok to proceed. Noel nods, biting his lip. Julian pushes in slowly. They both fill with pleasure. Julian starts pumping in and out slow. Noel throws his head back, enjoying what’s happening. Julian starts getting faster, continually hitting that spot that fills Noel with pure pleasure. One hand grabbing Noel’s hip, one grabbing Noel’s cock. Noel’s hands are painfully grabbing the couch. Sounds of Moans, swear words, and heavy breathing fill the room. They both can feel the orgasm building. Soon enough they’re cumming together, saying each others name.

Julian collapses next to Noel. They cuddle up to each other tiredly. Julian grabs his shirt off the back of the couch and wipes the cum off Noel’s belly. “I love you.” Noel said, tracing hearts on Julian’s chest with his finger. “I love you too.” Julian replied. Twirling Noel’s hair. Julian kisses Noel on the head. Then Noel kisses Julian on the lips. They spent the rest of the day like that, enjoying each other.

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