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Penname: Sarah [Contact] Real name: Sarah
Member Since: 02 Apr 2006
Membership status: Administrator
I be the uber-mod around here, and generally contribute nothing except a lot of rules, some useful coding, a fanvid or two and the odd hissy-fit.

Pairings of choice are Howard/Vince with a hint of Howard/Old Gregg for some reason. I wish there was more Naboo fic, but he's impossible to write. Um... That's all folks.

Oh, wait. I'm engaged to Maestro, and have been given the title of: Lady S, Keeper of the BSH Archive, Maker of Most Excellent Fanvids and Arsonist Extraordinaire.

I have a hard-on for Raynor's work, and because of her now harbor a faint love for Mike/Dave. Go figure.
Beta-reader: No
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Challenges by Sarah
Summary: The theme will be wine. You may decide to compose a wine poem a la Howard's Cream poem, you may decide to ply one of them with wine til they are quite tipsy, or both even, you may wish to write a comedy, or a flufffic, or angst. It does not matter.

As this is a booshslash haven, I would prefer it if the stories in this challenge were boosh, however i will not object if anyone wishes to write a nolian fic, but do please keep it within that scope.

It can be any length you wish, and any rating you wish, but please, please mark clearly before the start of your fic what rating it is. For fics longer than 100 words place behind a cut.
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: Secondary characters. What this means is that there will be NO howard/Vince. I know, it's sad, we love them so much. But I think they're too busy sleeping off the hangovers from all that wine. Pick a character from the Boosh, any character, and pair them off with whoever you see fit. We will accept a Howard/secondary or a Vince/secondary, so long as it's not Howince (as I like to call it.)
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: The theme for the next challenge is Christmas, and even though there's only 3 days, you've got 2 weeks to submit something that's full of festive cheer.
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: Well, since it seemed to go down well, the next challenge will be Valentines day, and I'll let you go free with it. Howince, Noelian, whatever you feel like doing go ahead. There are no restrictions this week, so go wild, so long as it has something to do with Valentines day. I think I'm going to close this challenge on the 15th, so get writing, and share your romantic goodness.
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: Here be 6 pictures from the Pilot episode of the Boosh Tundra". These are your inspiration, your illustrations, your nightly pixellated companions... Use them as you will...

Mention which pic you used for your story, or even add it in if you fancy :) The fic doesnt need to be about the pilot. It can be about anything! Again, its maximum two fics per person. Challenge ends on the 1st of March!
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: Now I now what you're thinking. Don't think that.

How about Rudi and Spider conquer a small Shetland island? Howard and Vince take their Elecro Jazz Funk Pop to the music starved masses? Naboo and Bollo get very drunk and pass out on their zookeeper groupies?

This challenge can include the current Boosh tour. If you would like to use the tour, or parts of, in your story, then please put a spoiler warning!

Oh the possibilities!
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: The next challenge will be Rewritten/Extended Scenes! So yes, watch your dvds! Find your .avi copies on your harddrives! Use your mental imaging faculties! What scene ignites fire in your slashy little hearts? Which bit could have been just that bit better with a bit of man on man lovin'? Get your slashgoggles on, and give us your version of the Boosh!

Specially looking out for all you newbies! Come and have a flounder in the slashpool! It may not be hygienic, but it's fun!
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: Go listen to the radio show, watch your dvds, peruse your tour write ups and pick your favourite quote... And write a story around it! Simple as that.

It can be any quote from the Boosh shows; the radio show, the tv show and the tour.
Please put your quote at the beginning of the story.
Quotes must be at the most two sentences. No huge chunks of dialogue please.
Two fics is the maximum per person, as usual
Challenge ends in one week. It will be closed next Monday.

Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: An AU, for those of you that don't know, is any fic that doesn't follow canon. (And canon, for those of you that don't know, is the established Boosh history, anything the Boosh boys have written in the radio show, the TV show, or the stage show(s) counts as canon. So it's canon that Vince was raised in the forest by Bryan Ferry, for example.) For a slightly more coherent definition of AU go here; for canon go here.

So this challenge is to let your imagination go crazy, and make up your own Booshness. It can be anything from an alternative ending to a scene or an ep (maybe the gig in Electro actually goes quite well?) to a whole 'nother world - Pirate Boosh? Spy Boosh? Anything as long as it's Boosh characters - put Naboo and Bollo in a seventies cop drama, if you like, with Bob Fossil as their irate superintendent. And RPS is still fair game - maybe Julian works in a greengrocer's, but can't stop flirting with the effeminate yet extremely chic young rock and roll star who keeps coming in to buy strawberries?

Any worries about whether your fic idea is AU or not, whether your idea is canon, post them in response to this, and someone kind will help out, I'm sure.

Usual rules apply:
- Challenge ends MONDAY 15th May, cutoff point will be at midnight, although I doubt anyone will still be posting then.
- Maximum of two entries per person.
- RPS or fic, s'all good.

Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None
Summary: The reason for this challenge is because there is such an influx of vampy fics during the past few days that it would seem silly not to make this a challenge.

Usual rules apply, maximum of two entries. Deadline is Sunday the 4th June. It can be any pairing, doesn't have to be Howince, Noelian, Ashcroft/Jones, and any others you can think of will also be accepted.

If you have submitted a vampy fic in the last few days, and would like it to be entered, please reply to this post with the link to your fic.
Categories: The Mighty Boosh, RPS Characters: None