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Penname: aprilANXIETY [Contact] Real name: april
Member Since: 07 Apr 2010
Membership status: Member
Hello, I'm April. How are you?

Yes, I was a little bit drunk in the profile picture and yes I'm aware there isn't one. =)

I'm 19 and currently live somewhere in Texas, though I'd much rather live in London, so do forgive any mistakes i make in trying to write sounding English.

Why might one who lives in Texas work so hard to sound English in writing? Well, that's mainly because of my obsession with The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding, and all things English.

So, my likes are obviously the boosh and Noel, but there are other things. I like music and the IT Crowd and slash as well.

I'm a fairly simple person, I'm really just in that weird state between school and work, as in, I have to take a semester off and try to find work, while trying to balance my attempts at getting a little taller and a little thinner (I'd like to be a model) with my obsessions of all things Noel Fielding, and my denial that I'm American. I have a fantasy in which gypsies, in wagons and caravans and everything, absconded with me from a very modern London, and sold me on the black market. However, my parents are simply too law abiding to have ever purchased anything, let alone a baby, from the black market, and there goes that theory.

I'm uncomfortable in writing conversation, so quite often, I'll avoid it and just write really wordy things with just a little actual speech. I think it's quite sneaky of me.

I'm 5'7, and in my opinion, I look like what would happen if Vince and Howard had a baby. I am also a vegetarian, and have been so for about 5 years now.

I go through more fashion phases than the great Vince Noir himself.

I'm generally uninspired, so don't expect much.

That is about all, you can follow me on twitter, and any of you from the UK who might consider adopting me, I am housebroken and eat very little, (i am wanting to be a model).

Oh, and did I mention that I'm well fucking insane?
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