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Reviews For The Dare
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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: weekendgothgirl Signed
Loved this wonderful story!

There were so many parts that made me laugh my fave was whenever howard fought with his brain!

The brain was probably right. Stupid brain.

I heard that.

"Sorry brain." Howard mumbled.

So you should be, I'm only trying to help.

"So help me then."

You're pathetic.

Date: 07 May 2009 02:30 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: Thursday Next Signed

Howard arguing with his brain was hilarious, as was the whole "Howard, you're not your own man. You're like play-doh, only softer and easier to mould." Brill :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your lovliness! :)rnrnI did a silly little follow on fic that was pretty much just Howard arguing with is brain. If I can find it on BSH I'll post it here. Thanky you for reading!
Date: 06 May 2009 12:30 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Thursday Next Signed
Eeeeee! I love The Bet, so exciting to see a sequel. Poor Howard, it's his own fault for not just telling Vince how he feels though. :)
Date: 06 May 2009 12:22 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3 Reviewer: popsicles Signed
Really enjoyed reading your story, nicely in character as well, and I found myself smiling at the thought of the pink ribbons......Thank you...

Author's Response: Howard in pink ribbons would be WIN :)rnrnThank you for reading, glad you enjoyed.
Date: 05 May 2009 11:52 pm [Report This]
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