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Title: Part One Reviewer: TheCatInTheTree Signed
Date: 06 Oct 2008 03:00 pm [Report This]
Title: Part One Reviewer: annabananna Signed
:) I like this story...plz write more :) I wanna know what happenes next :)
Date: 07 Sep 2008 07:49 am [Report This]
Title: Part One Reviewer: accioarse Signed
Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope you like it.
Date: 16 Jan 2008 11:28 pm [Report This]
Title: Prologue Reviewer: accioarse Signed
"Did the cleft make your knickers twist?" Ha ha! Your Saboo/Dennis is funny. I can't really see them having unstoppable urge for each other though. Perhaps we do need someone to write it for us. I'm definitely willing to read that story if it ever happens.

Author's Response: I am working on it...very slowly...but I am working. I guess that's what matters.rnrnThank you so much for the read! <3
Date: 15 Jan 2008 01:01 am [Report This]
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